Something I read recently struck a real chord. It’s that although we seem to live in a culture that encourages us to constantly tick items off our “to do” list, at the end relationship blog 2 imageof the day, it’s the quality of our relationships that really matters.  (from blog http://www.realprosperityinc.com/blog)

This goes to the heart of what I believe myself and why my work centres round communication. It’s not just that I’ve worked in that field for so many years – 40 years, since my teens. It’s because relationships are at the centre of all that we do as human beings and all the success and happiness we achieve.

We know this but somehow achievement of tasks and targets are often seen as the measure of success.

My work and that of my team centres round helping managers and leaders in business. Every day I see how the relationship factor makes business work either more smoothly or with a lot more struggle. In this economic climate contracts seem to take longer to agree but we can reduce this by consciously putting more sincerity, time and effort into the relationship.

Since we want to carry out work to the highest level of customer satisfaction, we must build a relationship with the customer to be able to find out what they really want, what the work is really for, what is really in the way..

But emails sometimes get in the way of good relationships. We can’t see the reactions and they can be read in a way we didn’t intend.

Nowadays emails can be the default – don’t let them. Pick up the phone as well. Give a gift – whether a tip, a book or your time. Show you are human in appropriate ways. Build your skills in empathy.

Become aware of relationships you are keeping distant by email-only communication. Make a call, arrange a meeting – do it now.

Building relationships in an international setting presents its own challenges, For practical tips about working internationally, download your free copy of our “International Business Tips” e-book.  You’ll find the practical ideas useful – for meetings, presentations and conference calls.



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