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English From Oxford On Cycling Holidays In Slovenia

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Your two English teachers are Alison and Richard Haill.

Richard Haill

Richard Haill, English Teacher and University Lecturer in Oxford

Richard has taught English to students at university level for many years, as well as training teachers, of all nationalities. Before he met Alison, he taught at the University of Aix en Provence in France and then in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Since then, he has also worked in Universities and the British Council in Croatia, Egypt and Singapore teaching English and linguistics. Now living in Oxford, he has worked at Oxford Brookes University for many years. He is very knowledgeable on cinema, theatre literature and on British current affairs and is very easy to talk to.

Alison Haill

Alison Haill, English Teacher and Coach

Alison was an English teacher for 25 years in Oxford and around the world before she became an Executive Coach. Teaching skills never die so she is happy to use her English teaching experience again, as needed, on the cycling with English holidays in Slovenia.

She is good at helping individuals feel confident speaking English, as well as giving them feedback, corrections and explanations if wanted.

On the cycling holidays there will be no intensive grammar course. Instead, this is an opportunity to practise using English, and Alison is there to help you at appropriate moments and to the extent that you want. If you want no feedback or correction, that is also OK. Read more here