Be more professional in English with English By Skype!

We offer 1-on-1 online classes in English for professionals, over the internet, via Skype.

Our English By Skype concept is a “no frills” English teaching service over Skype. It is

  •  1:1
  • personalised
  • focused on what YOU want
  • working with one of our experienced and well qualified native-speaker teachers from the UK.

Choose your current English language problem or goal, and work with one of our experienced English teachers. For example, you could choose English for Business, English conversation, English grammar. Or improve your English for an important presentation or conference.

Designed with high-level business clients in mind, from skilled English teaching professionals.

NOTE If your English is already fluent, click here for iPro English, from our partners at Oxford Professional Consulting. The iPro English service is for fluent English speakers who want to further improve their impact and influence.

English By Skype is for you…

…. if you are an international executive, senior manager or ambitious professional who wants to boost your professional English
…. if you need a quick refresher before an important meeting, presentation or interview
…. if you haven’t time to travel
…. if you have a limited budget for English
.… if you are too busy to travel to Oxford but want to work with Oxford Professional English.

Is English your native language? Raise your game with iPro English

…. if you are a native English speaker of English and you want to speak or write more effectively
…. if your English is fluent and you want to reduce your accent
…. if you want to be more effective in communicating across cultures

… Choose iPro English designed specially for you. Contact our partners at Oxford Professional Consulting for iPro English, for fluent English speakers who want better impact  and influence at work.


When can I use English By Skype ?

1. After your English course, so you are sure to follow up and implement new techniques

2. Before one of our intensive immersion courses in Oxford, so you take maximum benefit from the course

3. Before that important international meeting, so you’re clear and confident on the day

4. Before your important presentation or conference, so you are at your most effective

5. Every week, so you keep your fluency and confidence in Business English in tip-top shape.

The benefits of English By Skype

  • You gain that extra level of confidence
  • You keep your current skills up to date
  • You ensure you are clearly understood in important meetings
  • You become more fluent and articulate
  • You participate more actively and easily in international meetings
  • You communicate more effectively and with less effort in English.

Contact us now to get started.

What does it cost?

With English By Skype you work with one of our team of qualified and experienced English teachers from as little as 50 GBP/lesson.

One English By Skype lesson is 45 minutes. You can choose to use your lessons in doubles or singly. We strongly advise against very long Skype lessons. Our experience with Skype shows that 90 minutes is the maximum lesson length for best results with intensive internet language training.

Take the first step now – contact us to get started at just £250 for 5 lessons, minimum 5 lessons (250 GBP).

How does it work?

1. You contact us to book dates and give us your own contact details.
2. You buy the time you need depending on your requirements, via PayPal.
3. Your teacher calls you for Session 1 and you start with English By Skype!

Take the first step now to improve your English. Contact us to get started.     

Oxford Professional English helps professionals double their effectiveness in English.

Oxford Professional English (OPE) is a team of English language specialist teachers, a division within the Oxford specialist coaching company Oxford Professional Consulting.

Interested in team-building skills and powerful presenting for international audiences?

Then visit Oxford Professional Consulting to develop advanced business communication skills for senior leaders and key professionals working in the UK and internationally. Clients work with Oxford Professional Consulting on:

  • Leadership Communication
  • Advanced Business Communication skills
  • DISC Communication Profiling for Teams
  • Coaching Skills Training for managers (Manager-as-Coach training)
  • 1:1 Executive Coaching