Participate in English more effectively in your international meetings.

English is not just about correct grammar and vocabulary: it is about communication and relationships.

Whether in a meeting, on the telephone, for a presentation or in negotiation, it is important to use the language powerfully so that you are crystal clear, confident and making a positive impact.

  • Do you worry most about grammar?
  • Do you think your English vocabulary is too simple?
  • Do you need more confidence when you present in English?
  • Do you need to inform, inspire and influence others?

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Tell us what results you want

Tell us the focus you want for your course (eg telephone conferences, customer meetings, presentations) and the results you want to achieve, then we will create a programme to ensure you practise in useful work situations.

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Presentations in English

Because many clients are anxious about making presentations in English, we have two different options for improving your presentation skills in English. These programmes can be designed for an individual or for a group.

For advanced fluent speakers

For advanced fluent speakers we suggest the specialist presentation programme ‘Hi-Impact Presentations’.

‘Hi-Impact Presentations’ is our specialist presentation skills coaching. This is designed and delivered by our colleagues in Oxford Professional Consulting who are experts at coaching business presenters.

Contact us now to take the first step to powerful presentations in English.

For less advanced speakers

If your English needs to improve, choose ‘English for Presentations’. This gives you English language training PLUS presentation skills

‘English for Presentations’ focuses on language and includes feedback on presentation skills too. Course participants have a lower level of English competence and confidence, or a greater interest in language development.

Your Business English teachers will give you hints and tips with lots of practice presentations and feedback so that you soon feel much more confident and competent at presenting in English.

To take the first step in improving your presentations in English, contact us now here.


International English

When you speak in English to an international audience, or one consisting of several nationalities, British English may not be the best language to use. It is better to use a version of English which is easier for foreign audiences, such as International English – also called Offshore English or Borderless English.

We train you in how to adapt the way you speak to our International English guidelines. You will be easier to understand and you will make a more positive impact.

We show you the common pitfalls and danger areas when speaking to mixed-nationality audiences, as well as training you in these new skills.

Contact us here for more information.

Unsure on grammar or punctuation? Need a refresher?

If it is the grammar and punctuation that worries you, give us a ring. We provide workshops for a group or individual, tailormade to your requirements.

You can have your tuition in Oxford or in your company. Or, choose our blended learning solutions which uses a combination of email, phone and face-to-face sessions.

Do you just want to improve English for your job?

Do you fancy doing  work project in Oxford? Contact us for a tailormade programme based on our Project Oxford framework.

You receive expert teaching from one of our Business English specialists and the chance to talk to “real people” not just your teacher.

Oxford is a great place to study. We show you an insider view of the city, with its academic traditions and world-famous university.

Who we are

Oxford Professional English (OPE) is our team of English language specialist teachers, part of the training and coaching consultancy Oxford Professional Consulting.

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We bring out the best in each professional, enabling every one to maximise their potential in an international environment.