Whether you have a strong accent or you mumble, use our Diction Coaching to help you be easily understood

  • Is your English hard to understand?
  • Do your colleagues and customers often ask you to repeat?
  • Could they be too polite to tell you they are confused?

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What is Diction Coaching?

Diction Coaching is a key element if you want to be easily understood speaking English. Good diction ensures you speak so that others understand you. We work with you to improve your diction, pronunciation, intonation and stress:

  • Diction
    how clearly you enunciate sounds and deliver your message
  • Pronunciation
    how you pronounce English so that you can be easily understood
  • Intonation
    how to vary the music of your voice to make meaning clear
  • Stress
    how to emphasise words to obtain the effect you want

Your Diction Coach will analyse how you speak before creating a programme of exercises for you. If your mother tongue is not English, we include special exercises to counteract mother-tongue interference and to train you to enunciate certain new sounds. Your regular Diction Coaching can be face to face and by Skype.


As a result of feedback from colleagues, a Spanish employee working in the UK came to us to improve her clarity in speaking English at work. She realised that colleagues found her pronunciation of English too fast and difficult to follow.

We provided a programme using 2 different Skills Coaches. The Diction Coach focused on the technical detail of pronunciation, stress, intonation and enunciation. Then the Presentation Coach helped her put all she had learnt together in presenting to clients and at meetings in a powerfully effective way.

Progress was evaluated with her line-manager at 3-month intervals. By the end of the programme it was clear that her pronunciation was much improved – and within weeks she was promoted.