If you want more confidence in meetings and presentations, we’ll help you to transform your performance with our exercises and 1:1 teaching.

Give a confident speech every time

Confident speaking every time.

Confident English Speaking

We all want to speak well in public, whether it is a thank you speech, to put a point of view in a meeting or to update investors in the quarterly meeting.

Maybe you speak English easily and confidently, but what is the impact you make?

And how good do you feel? If you feel stressed, nervous and lack confidence, it’s likely to show.

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Confident English Speaking – why and what

Maybe you are too nervous in front of an audience so this affects your English. Maybe you are worried about making grammatical mistakes. Or you think your English is too simple.

Our Confident English Speaking is the answer. We help you find solutions, give you  tips and techniques, help you practise. We use all the tips, techniques and ideas we know from our years of expertise in teaching, training, learning – to help you.

First we check your goal and the context. Do you want:

  • English and Cultural Awareness?
  • English for International Meetings and Presentations?
  • English for tele-conferences?

Once we know the context, we create a bespoke programme for you.

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A senior manager from a large drinks company based in Denmark booked 10 individual lessons after a 1-week English course in Oxford. Her first goal was to create a business presentation for an international meeting.

She worked with her teacher by phone and Skype. First they worked together on creating a clear message. Then on the delivery, so that her presentation made a positive and confident impact at the international meeting. Her teacher also helped improve the powerpoint slides. Later they focused on  improving her intercultural skills, raising her awareness of the different expectations of foreign colleagues and discovering how to adapt her communication style.

Her confidence in English improved enormously because of her knew knowledge and because she knew she communicated effectively in English. Soon she recognised that the lessons had also made improvements in communicating in her own language too.

This is what she said:

“I’m more sensitive to intercultural aspects. I’ve learnt there are significant cultural differences between the Nordic countries I work with, although I thought at first we were all the same.  For instance the Danish want complete consensus and involve fewer people.  The Norwegians like consensus too but the management makes the decision. In Norway more people are involved in the negotiation eg the unions. My teacher contributed language, enthusiasm and inspiration – (it) made me think in new ways.”

Anne M, Norway

Contact us to book 10 lessons to improve your presentation.  Take the first step now.