Our Impact Gap Model is a Profiling Tool which evaluates your communication so you double your influence and impact when you communicate.

Our team in Oxford has created the Impact Gap Model as a Profiling Tool to evaluate your communication on 3 levels of expertise. Using the tool you can improve results on the  relationship level (inside and outside work), on the task level and on the strategic level.

The Impact Gap Model helps you double your success in communication

What is The Impact Gap Model ?

We have found that by helping you to change just 20% of how you communicate, you can increase impact by 80%. But to start the process we need to know where the current gaps are. So we created the Impact Gap Model.

How does it work? We evaluate 3 levels of your communication:

  • Interaction
  • Influence
  • Impact

We consider the Logical and Emotional aspects of your communication too.

The Process

One of our Consultants works with you to evaluate your current Impact Gaps using our profiler. They then advise you on reducing the gaps. By changing certain key elements of your current communication style, you transform the results you get.

Benefits of Impact Gap Model

  • You know your strengths and weaknesses with more precision empowers you
  • We help you with concrete solutions
  • You work at a deeper level so you get more lasting results
  • It helps you persuade others more easily
  • You get tips to use at once to instantly improve impact
  • You get expert help in changing deep-seated habits so you see the results.

Will the Impact Gap Model work for you?

If you want to be able to inspire and convince people more effectively, yes. If you want to create better business and personal relationships, yes.

If you want clear feedback on how you come across in English, then yes.

If you want to know what to change to make others listen, yes.


What happens after you have your Impact Gap Profile?

After we have assessed your Impact Gap Profile, we recommend how to proceed. We show you how to fill your gaps whether they are at the level of Interaction, Influence or Impact.

Depending on your Profile, and your objectives, we give you tips and techniques to use at once. We also show you how to work on deep-seated habits with one of our communication specialists.

Who we are and how we help you

Oxford Professional English (OPE) is our team of English language specialist teachers, part of the training and coaching consultancy Oxford Professional Consulting.

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