We use Coaching to develop new communication habits and a new mindset.

Coaching is a very efficient and effective way to develop people and performance. It helps people change habits which they no longer want. It develops new skills, creative thinking and potential.

We use professionally trained coaches to improve your communication and use of English, depending on your needs and aims.

We coach for the results you want to see..


What is Coaching?

Coaching is NOT training or teaching.

It involves{

  • working with a Coach:
  • in regular 1:1 structured conversations
  • questioning and reflection.

This specific method of dialogue promotes learning and development at a deep level and helps the client get results faster.

For our Coaching Programmes we only use professionally qualified coaches with the deeper skills and experience appropriate to working with senior people.

Benefits of Coaching

  • It creates a space for reflective focused thinking
  • It develops specific skills
  • It produces creative, innovative solutions
  • It produces thinking at a deep level or just quickly for solutions
  • It promotes clarity
  • Itevelops specific skills
  • It increases your confidence
  • It produces clearer communication
  • It is motivating, energising, empowering
  • It improves performance and job satisfaction
  • It increases awareness, responsibility, accountability
  • You get a sounding-board and thinking partner: so your thinking is more intense and productive

What kind of Coaching is for you?

We use coaching to reach the results you want. So the type of coaching will depend on the communication results you want and what your Impact Gap Profile is.

If your English needs improving, we create a programme of English + Coaching.

If your skills on the logical side are excellent (language and communication skills for instance), Coaching will focus on shifts in mindset, confidence or belief.

Is Executive Coaching in English for you?

Executive Coaching in English medium is useful for you, if:

  • you are already an advanced or competent speaker of English
  • if you are a senior manager or executive
  • if your job demands you “think on your feet” in English
  • if you would enjoy the challenge of working in a thinking partnership with a professionally qualified coach.

Executive Coaching in English medium gives you a double win, if English is not your first language.

First, you receive the benefits of using a professional and qualified coach. Second, you practise thinking and expressing your complex thoughts in English.

For more information on Executive and Corporate Coaching programmes, click here for details.

English + Coaching

In combination with our partners at Oxford Professional Consulting, OPE offers specialist English+Coaching options to improve your communication skill in English:

  1. Diction Coachingfor details click here
  2. English Improvement + Coaching

We will tell you what solution is best for you. Contact us to get started …….

Who we are

Oxford Professional English (OPE) is our team of English language specialist teachers, part of the training and coaching consultancy Oxford Professional Consulting

For Coaching, we use coaches from Oxford Professional Consulting. Each one is a professionally qualified coach.

Interested in team building skills?  Visit Oxford Professional Consulting for information on these topics:

  • Leadership Communication
  • Advanced Business Communication skills
  • Coaching Skills Training for managers: Manager-as-Coach training
  • Executive Coaching.


We bring out the best in each professional, enabling every one to maximise their potential in an international environment.