Our wide range services for business professionals who want to to improve their English

Here is the range of services we have ready for you.

First, choose an option from the list below. Then contact us: tell us the problem you want to address or the goal you want to achieve.  We will create the right programme for you.

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NEW! From January 2018

At Home in English

  • Improve your English fluency 
  • Increase your vocabulary
  • TWO expert, qualified, experienced teachers 
  • Learn by doing, speaking and conversation
  • Be “at home” in Oxford with your teachers
  • Live in your teachers’ home for a week

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Oxford English in Slovenia – with Cycling:

  • Improve your fitness with cycling 
  • Enjoy Slovenia where the weather is better than Oxford
  • Practise your English for all situations
  • Learn with 2 qualified English teachers from Oxford.
  • European summer months only

Click here for details of our cycling-holiday-with-English concept

Diagnostics and Profiling

Communication Skills Coaching: face-to-face or by Skype

  • English Speaking
  • English Writing

1:1 English Immersion

  • English Immersion (10-day)
  • English Coaching Intensive (3-day)
  • English PLUS Coaching Booster (1-day)

1:1 English PLUS Coaching

  • English PLUS Coaching: Immersion (10-day)
  • English PLUS Coaching: Intensive (3-day)
  • English PLUS Coaching: Booster (1-day)

Internet Learning

  • English By Skype
  • Home study pack: Coaching Skills For English Teachers
  • E-books

Executive Coaching: by phone or face-to-face

1:1 Coaching for Advanced Speakers of English with our partners at  Oxford Professional Consulting 

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Communication Coaching
  • Performance Coaching

Train-The-Trainer (courses and products for English trainers and teachers)

Would you like a new type of 1:1 conversation with your Business English learners? Or some new techniques to motivate 1:1 and group teaching in a different way? These courses and products have the answer:

  • Introduction To Coaching Skills,  for Business English Teachers
  • Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring for Interculturalists and English Teachers*
  • The S-Factor Toolkits contain powerful techniques, tips and ideas for learner engagement and advanced English practice.

“The S-Factor A Coaching Handbook”: a combination of tips and techniques and train-the-trainer instruction in a handy, book format. See more details here.

* this Certificate is from the UK’s Institute of Leadership and Management and our programme is approved by them.