Have you ever wondered whether the impact you have on others is positive or negative?

How good are your influence or persuasive abilities in conversation? 

There are 3 ways we can evaluate what sort of impression we have on other people:impact-gap-model-business-english-blog-image

  • Interaction – the basic transactional level – just the way we work, converse and communicate with others
  • Influence – this marks a higher level impression. We all need these skills at work and at home – how to persuade others, tune into their logic, get them to tune in to ours
  • Impact – the highest level of all – how others feel about us, whether our impact is positive or negative, inspiring, transformational.

It’s really hard to find good, unbiased feedback on these 3 areas so, as experts in the use of international English, OPE has developed a new and unique tool called the Impact Gap Model.

Our Impact Gap Model is designed to do 3 things:

  • It shows individuals how to rate their current communication.
  • It gives them a route map to increase their individual impact and influence.
  • It measures their progress in the 3 key areas: Interaction, Impact and Influence.

It’s universal – anyone can use it!

The best part is, the Impact Gap Model can be used by everyone, whatever their language. In our work we use it to evaluate all communication. Also, we use the Impact Gap Model with clients who want to improve their use of English and Business English for work.

How does it work?

First we evaluate your current communication style using the Impact Gap Model. This gives you a clear picture: 

  • of your current communication profile
  • of the gaps you need to fill and the first steps to take.

Then our expert consultants recommend specific exercises designed to fill those gaps and double your Impact and Influence. Whether your focus is on diction or delivery, presentation confidence or relationship building in meetings, our exercises are tailor-made

  • To improve your Professional English use
  • To guide you in improving language, image, influence and delivery
  • To show you the path to greater success through how you influence others.

Begin the journey of improving your Business English now.  Download The Impact Gap Model and contact one of our consultants today.

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