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For any English language and communication need, however big or small, we will advise you and manage the project.

We combine our expertise and experience for the benefit of you, the client.  We supply English language Consultant Teachers, the most experienced teachers and trainers in our English language teaching team at Oxford Professional English (OPE).

Case-study 1

The general manager of an international centre in Norway wanted to develop presentation skills in English for herself and her team.

OPE’s solution was a 1-week intensive English course in Oxford for 6 people, with a 2-day follow-up a month later in Oslo. The programme was entirely in English and included input, practice and feedback in language and presentations, with accommodation in the homes of specially selected professional families in Oxford.

The programme was so successful that 2 further groups were sent to Oxford and 3 follow-up days took place in Oslo.

Case-study 2

A well-established business school abroad wants to go international. This means that all customer-facing office and support staff, as well as lecturers, must be proficient in English, good at presenting information and competent in dealing with other cultures.

The first step is for an OPE consultant to fly out and interview all involved and complete an audit of their skills, before agreeing a concept and designing appropriate training programmes for the staff. The OPE solution is to supply specialist OPE trainers from the UK for short intensive English courses once every 3 months, to integrate with weekly language improvement classes provided on-site by local training providers.

This meets the need for tight budget control, maximum motivation for staff and regular training.

Who we are

Oxford Professional English (OPE) is a team of English language specialist teachers. We are part of the training and coaching consultancy Oxford Professional Consulting.

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We bring out the best in each professional, enabling every one to maximise their potential in an international environment.