Our strength is our experienced, professional and expert team of specialist English teachers who help you get results.

Oxford Professional English (OPE)  is a department within the Leadership Communication and Coaching company,  Oxford Professional Consulting.  This  is a stand-alone department is dedicated to teaching English for Business and Professional Purposes. It consists of English language specialist teachers and coaches,

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Our Founder

Alison Haill MA, PGCE, MA App Eng Ling

Alison Haill

Alison Haill, Founder

Founder of Oxford Professional English, CEO of Oxford Professional Consulting Ltd

Alison started her career as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She spent the first 20 years teaching English, first abroad, then based Oxford. She lived and taught:

  • First in Brazil for 2 years
  • Then in Slovenia and Croatia
  • Then for 2 years in Egypt
  • Finally for 6 years in Singapore.

Returning to the UK, she worked for several years as a Business English specialist teacher in Oxford.

Alison has extensive qualifications and experience in advising clients on the best training solutions for effective international communication in English.

In 1998,  she decided she wanted to do more to help foreign professionals gain the confidence to use English effectively in international business.

So she founded Oxford Professional English, to provide specialist 1:1 courses in English for Business.

Our General Manager

Richard Haill BA, MA, PGCE, MA Ling

Richard Haill

Richard Haill

General Manager of Oxford Professional English

Richard Haill has had a long and distinguished career in English Language Teaching:

  • Teaching English Language and Linguistics
  • In the UK and around the world
  • At university level and with the British Council.

At Oxford Brookes University he led and developed the English Language Unit, recruiting teachers and managing the growth of the department over 20 years. He is widely respected:

  • For excellent and enjoyable teaching
  • For productive teacher training and constructive feedback
  • As an effective consultant and advisor.

As General Manager of Oxford Professional English, Richard makes sure that each specialist 1:1 programme:

  • Focuses on the precise skills that will develop linguistic competence
  • Uses materials to engage the individual
  • Brings results for the client in fluency and accuracy.

His particular specialism are programmes that combine English with another subject eg “British Society Through Film”.

His own interests range from cinema, theatre and sport to politics, education, music and language.

Our Teachers

Specialist English Teachers

These are our most experienced teachers of English. Each member of the Oxford Professional English team of Consultant Teachers is carefully selected. They each have all of the following:

  • a university degree in English or another relevant subject
  • a specific qualification in teaching English as a foreign language
  • optional a postgraduate degree or diploma (eg PhD, MA Ling, Coaching Cert)
  • an international track-record
  • 10-25 years’ experience in working with business executives and professionals focusing on improving use of English, increasing confidence in the language and achieving the individual client’s language aims.

We speak over 20 languages

All our English language teachers have studied and speak at least one foreign language so that they know the difficulties and enjoyment of being a language learner. Across the team we have studied or speak over 20 languages. This helps us teach English better because we understand the fun, enjoyment and difficulties that speaking a foreign languages!

For professionals in the aviation industry, we can offer English for Aviation with one of our specialist associates.

Who we are

Oxford Professional English (OPE):

  • is one department of Oxford Professional Consulting.
  • It is the English language specialist teaching team
  • It is composed of experienced, highly qualified English teachers
  • Each teacher is a specialist in teaching English for Business and Professional purposes to international adults.

Oxford Professional Consulting (OPC):

  • Focuses on leadership and business communication.
  • Develops team building skills and leadership? Visit Oxford Professional Consulting for information on these topics:
  • Specialises in Leadership Communication and Coaching
  • Trains managers and leaders in Coaching Skills
  • Offers Leadership and Executive Coaching
  • Provides Personality Profiling for teams and individuals.

Oxford Professional Consulting’s network of experts

Oxford Professional Consulting (OPC) has specialists in the following fields:

  • Leadership and executive coaching
  • International meetings skills
  • Business Impact and Influence
  • Voice coaching
  • Image consultancy
  • Coaching workshops

OPE  has a close relationship with the wider network of OPC consultants above.

We combine English with Leadership Communication

If you want to combine English lessons with Leadership, please tell us when you book. We can arrange a tailor-made combination programme:

  • 50% with an English language teacher
  • 50% with a leadership coach

Careful coaching brings out the best in each professional, enabling every one to maximise their potential in an international environment.