Oxford Professional English helps business leaders and professionals communicate more effectively in the English language

We create tailormade programmes for business executives and managers who already speak English but need better grammar, vocabulary and confidence to be more professional and effective in English – in the UK and worldwide.

We help you increase your confidence and abilities in English.

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We’ve launched a new 1-week special programme, exclusively for professionals who want a deep and fun immersion experience.

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You will enjoy our enthusiasm and careful teaching

Our enthusiasm and expertise will inspire you, and our teaching expertise will help you become:

  • A clearer communicator
  • A more confident presenter
  • A stronger participant in meetings
  • A better business networker
  • A more effective international manager and leader in English.

You will benefit from our Business English expertise

We have over 40 years of experience in helping business leaders, managers and ambitious professionals to use effective confident English. This gives us specialist Business English knowledge and expertise to help you effectively and efficiently through our unique and stimulating immersion programmes.

For professionals by professionals. Oxford Professional English is designed with you, the professional, in mind.

Teaching + Coaching gives better results

To give you an even better service, we combine Teaching with Coaching, in a programme we create specially for you – to solve your problems and produce the results you want.

Teaching is done by our team of well qualified and experienced teachers. Coaching is done by qualified professional coaches trained by our partners at Oxford Professional Consulting.

Be more professional in English

  • Do you want to be really successful in Britain, to fit in well in UK business circles?
  • Or is it more important for you to be understood easily and be successful with contacts worldwide?

We teach both British English and International English. Tell us which is most relevant to your needs and objectives.

Contact us now for details and to get started.

Who are we?

Oxford Professional English is a team of dedicated and specialist English teachers. Each one is highly experienced in working with senior business managers and key professionals to improve English communication. Read about the team here.

Our special mix of Coaching and Teaching helps you to:

  • Double your Impact in English  – you will communicate much more clearly
  • Extend your Influence   – with better use of English and “soft skills” insights
  • Improve your Confidence  – through new tips, tools and techniques

In addition, you will get better results when working across cultures because our programmes improve your intercultural skills.

Part of Oxford Professional Consulting

Oxford Professional English is part of Oxford Professional Consulting Ltd, the Oxford-based specialists in leadership communication and coaching. working with senior leaders and ambitious professionals to double their impact and influence, in the UK and worldwide.

Alison Haill MA, PGCE, MA, Founder and Managing Director

We bring out the best in each professional, enabling every one to maximise their potential in an international environment.